Course Outline

Outline of the content you will be covering when you sign up for the 12 month Simple Wealth Steps course:

Month 1 - Find Out Where You Are

Month 1 takes you through the process of becoming aware of your current situation and introduces you to the mindsets of the wealthy.

Month 2 - Using the Simply Budgets System

This Month you will learn how to use your budgeting software and set up your budget.

Month 3 - Goal Setting With A Difference

In Month 3 we look at where you want to go in the future, what has been limiting you up to now, and develop a plan for how you can achieve your goal.

Month 4 - Building A Positive Mindset Towards Money

This Month you will learn the mindsets and attitudes of the rich and how you can build these mindsets for yourself.  We will also look at how to form good ‘money habits’.  It’s important to realise that wealthy people are not different – they just think differently.  You will learn to get rid of your old beliefs about money and develop new empowering beliefs.

Month 5 - Getting Out Of Debt

In Month 5 you learn strategies for getting out of debt ‘without living on baked beans’ and still maintaining your lifestyle.

Month 6 - Reducing Expenses Without Feeling Like Scrooge

Month Six allows you to look at your spending habits and to change them positively, without feeling deprived.

Month 7 - Increasing Your Income To Achieve Your Goals Faster

Now we focus on creating more cash flow.  This is where the fun begins and you will be able to develop confidence in your ability to create what you want.

Month 8 - Saving And Investing - The Options

This month increases your knowledge of the different ways you can start to save and invest.  It helps you to be aware of the traps and to avoid the ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

Month 9 - What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Even with the best budgeting skills in the world, things sometimes don’t go according to plan.  This month you will learn how to get back on track quickly if you ‘fall off the wagon’.

Month 10 - How To Get What You Want

Have you ever tried to save for a large ticket item – only to find that you spend the money on other things before you reach your goal.  Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t ever happen again.

Month 11 - Educate Yourself

You will know by now, that being wealthy is an ongoing process of learning.  In this month we discuss ways to keep yourself current and how to take your knowledge to new heights.

The process of learning requires repetition and focus.  This Month you learn how to keep the momentum going. You will have a definite plan for your next steps.

Month 12 - Borrowing - When Is It A Good Thing To Do?

Now we move into the more sophisticated techniques of borrowing money.  How to make the decide when to borrow and for what purpose.  After this you will never be in a situation where you cannot control your debt.

New Technology a World First?

An optional feature just added to this course is the inclusion of a budget coach whose task is to watch your progress as you follow your budget plan. If you choose this option, each week you will be sent a reminder to log in to a secure online account where your very own personally designed budget plan will be laid out before you to check off and compare your progress. View a Demonstration Here


This course costs less than a lot of people spend on their mobile phone each month. At $49 per month for 12 months it is affordable to anyone who is fair dinkum and wants to stop heading towards the retirement from hell!

Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will get tremendous value from this program that, if after the first 4 months you are not satisfied in any way with the material you are getting or you are not happy with the “Simple Wealth Steps” program, or it does not live up to your expectations, I will totally refund your money. That’s right – no hassles and no quibbles – you get ALL your money back – and you can keep the bonuses! You can’t ask for better than that!

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You know the secret. Wealthy people have daily habits that poor people do not have. Once you acquire these wealthy habits you will never have to say “I can’t afford it” again.


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